FILCO Calendar Keycap Set 2019 Topface/Black

FILCO Calendar Keycap Set 2019 Topface/Black
  • Model Number : FC2019TB
  • Product Name : FILCO Calendar Keycap Set 2019 Topface/Black
  • JAN Code : 4515213024942
  • Brand : Calendar Keycap Set
  • Status : Coming soon

[FOR CHERRY MX SWITCH / 2019 Calendar Keycap Set]

Get calendar on your keycap! This keycap set comes with monthly calendar printed on each keycap.
It goes from January 2019 to December 2019, covering a whole year.
You can replace either 1st or 2nd row of your keyboard depending on your convenience and liking.

You can just check date and day without reaching calendar on your desk now!

Keypuller is included
Registered design



** Click to enlarge
** Sunday shows in Red, Saturday shows in Blue letter.


Place included keypuller in the same direction shown in the figure and pull up to remove from the switch.

[Platform Support]

Majestouch 2
Majestouch 2 S
Majestouch 2 HAKUA
Majestouch BLACK
Majestouch NINJA
Majestouch Convertible 2 (Coating texture on keycaps would differ)
Majestouch MINILA/MINILA Air (Can only be replaced with the first row)


DetailsKeycap x12
Easy key puller x1

We may change our product specification or design without a notice.
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