Das Keyboard 4C Professional Compact Mechanical Keyboard 茶軸

価格 ¥16,200-(本体価格 ¥15,000-)

Das Keyboard 4C Professional Compact Mechanical Keyboard 茶軸
  • 商品名:Das Keyboard 4C Professional Compact Mechanical Keyboard 茶軸
  • JANコード:4515213011713
納期:- 在庫:在庫切れ

■ Compact Design, Same Incredible Experience

Introducing the new Das Keyboard 4C compact mechanical keyboard. The same Das Keyboard quality you demand with a new compact tenkeyless design. The tactile feel, psycho-acoustic experience and oh-so-sleek design deliver a euphoric typing experience.
Das Keyboard 4C Professional is one of a kind. Not only is the click clack sheer music to your ears, but you'll also have one incredible machine that delivers a faster, more enjoyable typing experience.
It's made of the highest-quality materials and has a robust construction you can feel. All of our keyboards are designed with high-performance, gold-plated mechanical key switches lasting up to 50 million keystrokes.

■ コンパクトデザインで新しい体験を。

DAS4 Professional同様に天板にアルミニウム製が採用されています。

■ Greetech Switches


Das Keyboard uses best-in-class, mechanical key switches that provide tactile and audio feedback so accurate it allows you to execute every keystroke with lightning-fast precision. Its high-performance, gold-plated switches provide the best contact and typing experience because, unlike other metals, gold doesn't rust, increasing the lifespan of the switch.
Brown Switch - Tactile Experience
The Brown switches have a soft, tactile bump about halfway through the key press. The Soft Pressure Point switch technology makes the mechanical keyboard less clicky while providing an awesome tactile experience.

■ グリーテックスイッチを採用

DAS4C ProfessionalはGreetech社製のキースイッチを採用しています。

Greetech社製 茶軸
Cherry社製 MXスイッチ茶軸よりも若干押しごたえがあります。(※感じ方には個人差があります。)

■ Sleek Compact Tenkeyless Design


Same great quality packed into a new compact design. You’ll be able to claim some of your desk space back without compromising quality. The Das Keyboard 4C features a compact tenkeyless design with 87-keys (US). Need more desk space? Don't use the numpad? We got you covered...

■ コンパクトテンキーレス


■ Dedicated Windows Key Disable Control


Instantly deactivate the Windows key by pressing the dedicated Windows key disable control for better gaming. We want to make it even easier for you to destroy your opponents.

■ 専用のWindowsキーキャンセラー


■ N-Key Rollover


Gamers and fast typists will love to hear that Das Keyboard 4C Professional supports full n-key rollover (NKRO) via USB. No need to use a PS2 adapter anymore.
Full n-key rollover works with Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Mac OS X.

■ Nキーロールオーバー

Das Keyboard 4CはフルNキーロールオーバー機能を搭載しています。
Windows、Linux及びMac OS Xで使用可能です。

■ USB 2.0 High-Speed Hub


Das Keyboard 4C Professional has a two-port USB 2.0 hub to transfer music, pictures and videos. No need to worry about running out of places to sync your phone.

■ USB 2.0 ハブ搭載

USB 2.0 2ポート付きで便利です。

■ UV Hard Coat-Protected Key Caps


The Das Keyboard 4C Professional has UV hard coat-protected key caps to prevent fading. The UV hard coating, silk screen legends and new printing process allows for extra durable inscriptions. Das Keyboard’s key cap font has been designed to provide ease of reading. Das Keyboard’s font looks modern while keeping some of its lines from older, well established fonts. The overall result is sleek and easily readable while not drawing unnecessary attention.

■ UVハードコートキーキャップ


■ Footbar = Ruler


We got tired of those itty bitty plastic keyboard feet. They are fragile and typical. The magnetically detachable Das Keyboard footbar raises the keyboard to an optimal 4-degrees. It looks sharp and can be used as a precise ruler when not in use as a footbar. 16-Inch red ruler is scaled on both sides. A ruler? Why not…

■ フットバーは定規

Das Keyboardのフットバーはただのフットバーではありません!
最適である4度の傾斜を保つDas keyboardのフットバーはマグネットで取り外しができ、さらには取り外して定規としても使用が出来ます。

■ Extra Long Cable


Das Keyboard 4C sports a 2-meter (6.5ft) cable that goes through desk grommets to keep your workspace neat and tidy. Now equipped with only one USB connector to power the keyboard and USB hub at the same time.

■ 超ロングケーブル

Das keyboard4は2mの長さがあり、デスク周りの取り回しに便利です。

■ Media and Special Function Keys


Quick access media and special function keys for mute, volume control, play/pause, next track and previous track. Not to mention, a quick access sleep key to save energy. Not only will you save energy, but by putting your computer to sleep, you'll save time and be up and running much faster than if you shut down and restart.

■ メディアファンクションキー


■ Every Detail Matters


Featuring a stunning look and compact design, the Das Keyboard 4C Professional has a sleek anodized aluminium top panel, a resonance-free bottom enclosure, a magnetically attached footbar, and a laser-engraved aluminium bottom label… all which make the design feel more bad ass and the typing feel more responsive. There is no detail too tiny for us.

■ DAS 4Cのこだわりについて


■ 対応機種

USBポート(1.1、2.0、3.0)搭載のPC Windows、Linux、ChromeOS、Mac

■ 仕 様

外寸幅393.4mm × 奥行153.7mm × 高さ29mm
重さ0.9 kg
スイッチGreetech 茶軸
配列87キー USレイアウト
・2ポート USB 2.0 Hi-Speedハブ搭載

  • 商品名:Das Keyboard 4C Professional Compact Mechanical Keyboard 茶軸
  • JANコード:4515213011713
納期:- 在庫:在庫切れ

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