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Majestouch English Keyboard / Black
Model Number : FKB104M/EB
Product Name : Majestouch English Keyboard / Black
JAN Cord : 4515213005217
[English Key Arrangement Edition of Majestouch Series]
A wide space key to secure a comfortable typing on the transformation of Roman character to Kanji character by eliminating "Non-transformation" and "Katakana" keys.

[Each of USB and & PS/2 interface is available]
A USB cable is standard. Plug and play is available on Windows system for the USB connection. By the PS/2 plug which is included in the package PS/2 connection is also available.

[An excellent touch with the mechanical "MX MXtactile feel"]
Deploy "Cherry MX tactile feel" key swiches.
The "MX tactile feel" has a long key stroke (4mm) and a switch contact is located on 2mm of displacement of a whole key stroke.Typing without pressing key without a whole stroke prevents from mis-typing and the stress to the fingers on the long time typing and contributes to a rapid typing.

[A strong chassis and a designated fonts for an excellent visibility]
A strong chassis design to ensure an excellent touch of the high performance machanical key switch to prevent from uncomfortable vent on pressing the key.
A specially designated font on key top to ensure an excellent visibility at a glance. A stylish and lasting chassis design.

*English US ASCII Keys, Color; Black*
Click to enlarge image.
Key Layout
Platform Support
PC with USB or PS/2 ports. OS; Windows 98(SE)/Me/2000/XP (also available on the Japanese edition of these OS's)
USB1.1 and PS/2 (with connecting the PS/2 plug)
104 keys A mechanical "MX tactile feel" key switches
Key pitch/19mm
Key stroke/4 mm ± 0.5 mm
Dimensions/440(W) x 138(D) x 38.5(H) mm *(49.5mm on using the stand facilities)
Cable length/1.5 m
Weight/1.2 kg

"Top coated" to prevent from the scratch or damage on the keys and chassis.

* Occasionally, you can see the finger print spots on the top coated surface on the key and chassis (It is outstanding on a black model.) Wipe out with a soft fabrics to remove the spot.
We may change our product specification or design without a notice.

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