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NEW!!Majestouch 2 S
Majestouch Convertible 2
Majestouch NINJA
Majestouch 2
Original Model
NEW!!Majestouch 2 S Tenkeyless
Majestouch MINILA Air
Majestouch MINILA
Majestouch NINJA Tenkeyless
Majestouch 2 Tenkeyless
Original Model

EverBlow China Authentic security

Everblow is the only authorized official seller of FILCO & KOBO products within China.
Everblow commits and carries only genuine FILCO products.
All FILCO products sold in mainland china through EverBlow channel are Authentic and provided/supplied by DIATEC directly and properly.
Customers from China looking for FILCO KOBO keyboards can purchase from TMALL store with proper warranty and services. (24 months products warranty)
Please visit ;-
With 24 months products warranty.

需购买正品FILCO KOBO定制键盘的中国顾客,请认准如下官方天猫店铺:
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